Greetings from Greece

Hello again! We had a full day in Athens to help push us into this new time zone and fight off jet lag. After a hearty breakfast, we made our way to the Acropolis Museum. This provided context for what we saw when we went to the actual site. We climbed the marble steps, took in the sights of the sea and mountains, and stood in awe as we walked around the Parthenon as our high school humanities class finally made sense and paid off! Then we went to Mars Hill and stood on top to look out over the city and pray over it. To think that is where Apostle Paul preached about the “unknown god” became all the more real. We ended with a late lunch where we had our first taste of Greek cuisine – the garlic and oregano makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Now we are headed to the airport once again to catch our flight to Lesvos. Everyone is well and in good spirits. Keep praying for us and our work that we will have with the refugees.



2 thoughts on “Greetings from Greece

  1. Praying for you guys!

  2. Stacey Sternberg January 9, 2017 — 8:16 pm

    This update is an answer to prayer! We are so grateful to know some of what is happening. Praying for the Lord to provide all that is needed. He is so good at that.

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