First Update from Nepal -(1/6/2017)

After almost 36 hours of travel our team arrived safely in Kathmandu; the prayers of our supporters could be noticed and felt throughout the entirety of the experience, and as we continue our time in Nepal. The Lord has shown himself to us through our very first impressions of a new culture. Getting to see the beauty of the mountains and even in the crowded and chaotic city has already deepened our reverence for Him who created it. Our first day we were able to explore the streets of the city to get to know our new home for the next month; we were able to interact with the Nepali people who have drive and passion for their businesses and creations. The sights and smells and pace of the streets are new to us but are an opportunity for us to learn. In transit our layover was in Qatar, one of the most affluent countries in the world. We moved from staying in a five star hotel to a third world, so the contrast was drastic and revealed a lot to us about the brokenness of the place we will be staying. But, after only two days of life in Nepal, we’ve learned how joy and beauty can be found even still. Climbing up the many stairs to the Monkey Temple rewarded us with a view of the city surrounded by mountains, and an exposure to a culture and way of life different than our own. We are blessed with an opportunity to take time out of our year to devote to listening intentionally and intently to what the Lord is telling us. Through learning more intensely about Tiny Hands International we know more about the injustices happening in the world but also how people are following the call of the Lord and actively fighting against it in the name of our God. We are so excited to be able to learn more about how the Lord has created his people alongside learning how to respectfully serve, and in any community we find ourselves. Please pray with us that our team will continue to find joy in dark places, that we will better learn how to encourage each other as a family in the Kingdom of God, and that every day with every interaction we will grow in our ability to serve and love others as Jesus exemplified through His ministry on earth. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers; they make an incredible difference to us.


2 thoughts on “First Update from Nepal -(1/6/2017)

  1. Russ & Sheila Seeman January 6, 2017 — 10:10 pm

    Continuing in prayer for you all, that you will bond well with one another and that you’ll be tuned in to the Spirit’s leading as you do Kingdom work there in Nepal.

    Blessings … Sheila Seeman

  2. Jillian Stephenson January 7, 2017 — 3:52 pm

    Good to hear from you all! Sending prayers your way! We are excited to see what God will accomplish through each of you. Ian – eat lots of curry for me 😉

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