“Jaimasi” from Nepal


The proper way to greet someone in Nepali is to say “Namaste,” however, when you greet someone who is a Christian, you would instead say, “jaimasi” which means, “Praise the Lord.” This ends up feeling sort of like a secret code or sorts, one in which we got to use quite a bit yesterday morning.

Saturday is the Sabbath for the Nepali people, so we went to Gyaneshwor Church in Kathmandu, which is actually the largest and oldest church celebrating its 60th year in Nepal. We were provided headsets for translations during the sermon and times of prayer, which proved very helpful. During times of worship, however, there was no translation. This was my first time in a church in a different country and it was incredible. Despite the language difference, the presence of the Lord was so apparent. For me, this was a beautiful representation of the Kingdom. We all worshipped the same God and were all united by the same Spirit.

After this we went to a boy’s home set up by Tiny Hands. This is a home for boys that previously lived on the streets and is one of many homes that Tiny Hands has in Kathmandu. Each home has house parents who care for the children and teach them the Gospel. These homes also provide an education for the children up to a Bachelor’s degree. Minutes after arriving at the house we had a moment of impromptu worship when one of the boys brought out his guitar. After this we walked to the dirt field where these boys frequently play and engaged in some intense games of soccer and fun with them. The joy these boys had playing soccer and joking around with us was rewarding for everyone involved.

Even after the first few days it is so clear that God is already moving in such beautiful ways in Nepal. Thank you for your continued prayers. Specifically, it would be incredible if you could be praying that we can love and be Christ to everyone that we meet. In a country in which it is strongly discouraged to share the Gospel, we are seeking ways to shine light in the darkness.

God is good. Much love all.

Gabe Short


1 thought on ““Jaimasi” from Nepal

  1. Continuing to pray for all of you – praying specifically for your safety, your health, and that your eyes, ears, and hearts would be open to the ways in which God is at work in Nepal. Thanks for the update!

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