Providing Relief in Greece

Katie called the office today around 3pm our time, 10pm her time.  The team is all healthy and bonding together beautifully.  They are hard workers, willing workers, giving out hope with their smiles, their willingness to work long & hard hours and their attitudes.  Katie & Jessie are so proud of them.

The island has gotten 5-6 more inches of snow (unheard of!!!), so ministry is in Disaster Crisis Relief mode now.  Typically 7 students work from 8pm – 8am; however 4 more students volunteered to accompany them tonight.  Those 4 students will then continue their typical day of 8am – 4pm, joined by 8 fresh students tomorrow morning.  They will work some more as a group, then have dinner/team time and get ready to do it all over again.  They will get time off Thursday evening and all day Friday.

They are mostly helping to repair tents (tears & zippers), handing out tarps and clothes and being a “presence”…hoping to provide a glimmer of hope during a really rough time.  Everyone is cold, damp, & tired (the refugees as well as our team.)  The team got to go out to eat tonight together, which was nice.  The refugees react as we all would—some are grateful, some are grumpy; some are bitter, some quietly accept the help given.  It is a mix of feelings the students are seeing.  One student called the situation “heartbreaking”.  But Katie reiterated time and again how well the team is holding up, helping, loving, sharing themselves in various ways.  They work well together and together they have much to offer the refugees.

Please pray:

  • Health for the team, as it is colder & wetter (and snowier) than they anticipated
  • Grit, perseverance, motivation to keep going, and patience with the process of caring for the refugees
  • Ability to sleep in the down time
  • Katie & Jessie will need to be “moms” sometimes, knowing when & how to speak up for the students & provide some boundaries for them

Continue to lift them up in prayer.  They are doing a good work!


2 thoughts on “Providing Relief in Greece

  1. Hang in there, Nolan, and team

    Bless you all and keep your chins up. You can go home….they are home and need your help and understanding.

    Prayers for all.

  2. Lovely to hear!
    This team is doing an AMAZING JOB!! Being the light in this dark/ and “cold” place! Wonderfull; I am so happy to hear this! You all are doing GREAT! Knowing that our Lord is looking with a SMILE on his face seeing his children doing what he called them to do/be. Sending much love and prayer to you!! Greetz, Tim&Anni (from the airport in Munich:)

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