Travel to Telunas (1/8/2017)

After over 24 hours of traveling we finally made it to our final destination. It seemed like we used every form of transportation from Taylor vans to planes to boats. Everything so far has gone according to schedule. Our longest flight was from Chicago to Hong Kong, which was just over 15 hours. One team member slept almost the whole flight (our very own “sleeping magician”), while some others were lucky to get 30 minutes of sleep (thank goodness for inflight movies and offline Netflix). We arrived in Singapore at 2 am local time and got a couple hours of sleep in the transit hotel before leaving to catch the ferry. The days of traveling definitely felt long and tiring but we are thankful for safety and a few days of rest before heading out to the first island.  

We arrived in the city for some time to get over jet lag as well as to do some culture and language training before heading to Telunas and then to our first island. Our time consisted of meeting a family who plays a key role in guiding the heart of Telunas, swimming to keep us awake, a crash course in the language, and a scavenger hunt in the mall. The scavenger hunt gave us all the chance to practice our language skills and explore a little bit before leaving the city. Perhaps the most relaxing part of the day was getting a cream bath (hair conditioning treatment complete with a massage) and chatting with the stylists in the salon. We had some team time to keep ourselves awake and prepared for our trip to Telunas. 

It took us about an hour and a half to get to Telunas, but we all enjoyed each other’s company, the view, and the breeze. We were welcomed with cool towels and orange drinks, which just speaks to the hospitality of all of those we meet. We had some time today to relax, swim, and prepare for the days ahead. We would so appreciate prayer against sickness and distraction in the coming days, as well as rest in the presence of God and others. 


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