Making Connections (1/10/17)

Today was an eventful day for the Nepal team! We started by visiting Beauty for Ashes, a company that employs women who have been victims of sex trafficking or who are at high risk. The women work to make jewelry, clothing, and accessories by hand and earn living wages in an environment where they are encouraged to learn how much God loves them no matter what is in their past. Our team had the opportunity to pray over the building and the ministry there. We were filled with joy at the redemptive work God is doing through Beauty for Ashes while remembering the many women who are still enslaved. We are so thankful for the individual lives touched by God already and pray for freedom and salvation for many more.

We were also able to meet with the owner of Café Bethesda and hear his heart for his ministry there. Although the building is still under construction, his vision is that it will be a lighthouse for the nation of Nepal. Just like in the Bible where people would come to Bethesda to seek healing as the angel stirred up the water, his prayer is that his café will be a place where people can feel the presence of God. We prayed over the beginnings of the building and worshipped God for the work He will do, and has already done, in that place.

After lunch we went to two separate children’s homes to hang out with the kids there. They are all taken away from high-risk situations and brought up in a Christian environment with parents who love them like their own kids. This was my favorite part of the day because their smiles and excitement to see us melted my heart! We played games, performed skits, and even sang “Jingle Bells” with them. We prayed for their futures with them before we left.

Finally, we ate dinner in the home of a kind refugee and his family. He told us his story of how he had been persecuted for his faith and had to flee to Nepal. It was incredible to meet a member of the persecuted church in person and hear the harsh realities of what many of our brothers and sisters experience because they are bold enough to proclaim the name “Jesus”. We prayed for him and his family as they continue to seek refuge and thanked God for saving them from the hands of their persecutors.

Although it was a long day, it was an encouraging one to hear how God’s mighty hand is at work here. There may be pain in Nepal, but God is stronger still and we can’t help but worship Him for the joy that only He can bring amidst it all. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Our team is all healthy and learning so much already. Praise God from whom our help comes. He neither slumbers nor sleeps. Praise the Lord!



1 thought on “Making Connections (1/10/17)

  1. Praise God for his continued security and strength for your team!

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