Imaynaya cachcanki from Peru! – (1/17/17)

This Monday evening the team is resting after a rewarding day of work. The past week was full of amazing experiences, hard work, and new friends. We began the week by painting the kitchen and dining area of Primitiva church and learning center here in Ayacucho. When we entered the learning center, the workers presented each of the women on the team (and Paul) with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We were overwhelmed by their kindness, and extremely excited to get started. We spent two days painting both the inside and outside of the building, starting early in the morning and ending in the late afternoon. The work was taxing but completely worthwhile once we were able to see the finished product and the gratitude of the learning center staff.

Each day this week we also did VBS activities with the kids at the learning centers. The first two days a couple of us would take a break from painting to do skits, songs, and crafts with the kids. On Wednesday, we were able to visit a produce market in the morning before doing VBS with the kids after lunch. We have all had a lot of fun doing the activities with the kids and seeing firsthand how creative and energetic they are!

On Thursday and Friday, we visited Maranatha church and learning center. We met the pastors that run the learning center and church in the morning, and they shared their story with us. After they shared, we split into two groups and each visited a home of one of the members of the congregation. It was very enlightening to learn about the homes that the children attending the learning center come from, and we were very grateful for our hosts’hospitality. In the afternoons, we did VBS with the kids. In addition to sharing God’s love with the kids, we also were blessed by several presentations and gifts they had prepared for us. The kids were ecstatic to have us come, and we were glad that we got to spend time playing, dancing, and laughing with them.

For the weekend, we went on a short trip up into the mountains, and we were also able to go on homestays. On Saturday, we overcame two flat tires to go to the Wari Tombs and Museum to learn about the history of the Wari people group. We also had the opportunity to ride horses through the mountains and see some of the amazing scenery that Peru has to offer.

Once we returned in the evening, we went in pairs on homestays. Each group stayed with a family that attends one of the local churches. We were all grateful for the hospitality we experienced, and making friends with limited verbal communication, while difficult, was very gratifying. After attending church with the family, we spent the afternoon with them before returning to the house to prepare for our ministry this week.

We appreciate prayers for the health of the team, as several of us are sick, and prayers for safety and success at the kids camp that we will be helping with at the end of this week. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

On behalf of the Peru Team,

Rachel Pfeiffer


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