Saying Goodbye – (1/24/17)

With only a couple days remaining in the trip, it’s hard to believe how quickly the time has gone. Looking back on this past week, we are all grateful for God’s strength and faithfulness. For the first three days of the week, we did VBS activities with the kids at the Getsemani church learning center. The first day we were able to meet the pastor of the church and his wife before we drove around the community to pray for the kids that attend the learning center and their families. Each day we also had the opportunity to sit with the kids while they ate lunch before starting VBS. This learning center had the most older kids, so it was really fun having conversations with them in what little Spanish we knew. This group of kids was definitely the most energetic group we’ve had, so we were glad for the energy and focus that God gave each of us.

On Thursday, we rested and prepped for the camp in the morning before taking the kids from the orphanage, Casa Luz, on an outing to the pool. It was a little chilly for the pool since it wasn’t sunny, but the kids had a blast so we were glad we had a free day to take them.

Friday and Saturday were probably the longest and most challenging days of the trip. For both of these days, we drove about a half hour out of the city to help with a camp for the older kids of the Emmanuel, Primativa, Marenatha, and Getsemani churches. Most of us were co-leaders of a color group that consisted of ten kids from all of the churches. In these groups, we played games and listened to the messages. That night at the worship service there was a group of kids who gave their lives to God. We ask for prayers for these kids specifically, that they would continue to seek God and grow in their faith.

After a thirteen hour day on Friday, it was hard to get up and return to the camp Saturday. However, once we reached the learning center, God again provided the energy we needed. Graham, Tori, and Izzy did a great job presenting a message on purity in the morning before we began the games, one of which featured army crawling through the mud. By the time we said goodbye to the kids that day, we were incredibly tired. However, were grateful to see the way that God still works through language barriers and imperfect circumstances to accomplish his purposes.

We have been able to spend Sunday and Monday resting and discussing our experiences from the trip. We’ll leave Ayacucho soon and fly home after spending a day in Lima. The trip absolutely flew by, and  while we are all sad to leave this beautiful city, we are also grateful that we had the opportunity to be involved in what God is doing here through Pastor Jorge and Mariela’s ministry. Thank you to everyone who has supported throughout this trip, and we look forward to sharing more about our time here in the coming weeks.


Prayer Requests:

-The health of the team

-Safe travel home


On behalf of the Peru team,

Rachel Pfeiffer


1 thought on “Saying Goodbye – (1/24/17)

  1. So encouraging to read of all that God has done in and through you! I’ve prayed a number of time for “fruit that remains”, both in your individual lives and in the lives of those you touched in one way or another.

    Praying for health and refreshment as I type, and a carefree and blessed trip home.


    p.s. – I remember well my 3 mission trips while on staff at TU from 1984 to 1988 that led to spending the rest of my life in missions. A caution would be to realize that not everyone will be interested in your stories, so pray that you’ll encounter some folks with a heart for missions who will delight to hear about it all.

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